08-21-17 Blackbird Unplugged at Pianofight SF!

08-21-17 Blackbird Unplugged at Pianofight SF!


Blackbird Unplugged at Pianfight, SF

What a great night at Pianofight tonight! We got killer versions of Girl, Bulldog, Oh Darling, Come Together, Happiness, Gonna Lose That Girl and many many more. One right after the other folks were just crushing it! Well done.

At the end of the evening, we did something that we’ve never done before. We did an “unplugged” version of Blackbird. Unplugged, you say? Yes… we had already broken down when someone came up and still wanted to sing. Hmmm… no more instruments or mics we said, but that didn’t stop us! Jrb played the keys without an amp, and I kept the metronome sound just on a chair (the way I used to play when I was 10). It was a blast and folks loved it. Very cool idea.

Check out the video:

Great night everyone, Pianofight is just rockin’ it. Love to see the dancing, too!

Tonight’s Setlist

I Feel Fine

Dr Robert

She Loves You


Hey Bulldog

With A Little Help From My Friends

In My Life

I’ve Just Seen A Face

I Am The Walrus

Fool On The Hill

All My Loving

Oh Darling

I’ll Be Back

I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Long And Winding Road


Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Come Together


Hold Me Tight

In My Life

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl

Hey Jude

You Never Give Me Your Money

Blackbird UNPLUGGED!!*

*Beatles Night firsts