06-19-17: “The most fun place I’ve ever been” Pianofight SF

09-19-17: at Pianofight, SF

Tonight we got one of my favorite compliments of all time.  The singer who came up and called for You Are My Sunshine also said:

“This is the most fun place I’ve ever been.”

Wow, thank you so much.  That’s exactly what we try to do!

It was that kind of night at Pianofight.  Everyone was just rocking it and having a ball.  Much dancing too.  We got some video of Anna and Benoit:

Plus, here’s JRB’s new mashup A Hush In The Life:

We had a wonderful singer come up and sing And I Love Him.  (a nice first, please come back and sing more with us!)  Georgie Girl came up and gave us great versions of I’m Only Sleeping If I Needed Someone and Rain, we got great versions of Bathroom Window, Fool on the Hill, Long and Winding, Her Majesty, You Are My Sunshine (great Beatles Night first!) and the list just goes on.  Everybody sounded great, and the whole evening was fun, fun, fun!  Killer diller.

The new kit at Pianofight 06-19-17

Tonight’s Setlist:

A Hard Day’s Night

I’m Only Sleeping

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Joe Cocker style)

Rocky Raccoon

The Fool On The Hill

And I Love Him*


If I Needed Someone

Let It Be

Cry Baby Cry

She Loves You

Eight Days A Week

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

Honey Pie

Ticket To Ride

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

I’m So Tired

Her Majesty

The Long And Winding Road


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Don’t Let Me Down

You Are My Sunshine*

Hello Goodbye

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Eggman (mashup)

A Hush In The Life (mashup)*


*Beatles Night firsts